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Welcome to the SCMS Community Center

A place to share and discuss key information impacting HIV/AIDS and supply chains.  We encourage you to download documents, suggest resources and develop the Community Center as a helpful space to collaborate. Together we can ensure a reliable, cost-effective and secure supply of high-quality medicines and health products for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.

FEATURED STORY: Saving Lives Through Stronger Supply Chains

SCMS's submission, Saving Lives Through Stronger Supply Chains, was selected as one of five Science of Delivery Award Winners in the World Bank's Procurement for Complex Situations Challenge. Open to individuals from institutions and organizations from public and private sectors, civil society, all sectors and countries and donor or multilateral organizations, the Challenge aims at collecting and disseminating practical experiences with and lessons of failure or success from designing and implementing procurement in complex situations. Check out the winning case story on page 12 of the Procurement for Complex Situations Challenge publication.  


"African Journal of Laboratory Medicine paper" SCMS resident experts Peter Smith and Jason Williams have published a paper in collaboration with USAID. The paper, Optimizing the laboratory supply chain: The key to effective laboratory services, highlights the cost differences between low, medium, and high utilization rates of common CD4 testing instruments that have been procured though PEPFAR funding. Access now  

"AIDS - Official Journal of the International AIDS Society article"
SCMS's David Jamieson contributed to this article about delivering pediatric HIV care in resource-limited settings. Access now  

"March 2014 supplement to the 2013 consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection."
An update was made to the 2013 consolidated guidelines that makes the need for careful and coordinated planning clear.   Access now

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Featured SCMS Tools

Health Care Waste Management. Learn how SCMS builds technical and operational capacity and infrastructure to support sound management of hazardous waste. Our helpful resources include Health Care Waste Management Visual Aids and the SCMS Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Health Care Waste Management Toolkit. Learn more

The National Supply Chain Assessment toolkit. Use this comprehensive toolkit to assess the capability and performance at all levels of a health supply chain. The results of the assessment help supply chain managers and implementing partners develop their strategic and operational plans and monitor whether activities are achieving their expected outcomes. Access Toolkit.

For more information contact Kathleen Bartram and Diane Reynolds

The SCMS Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Health Care Waste Management Toolkit. 

This Toolkit was created to provide guidance on implementing health care waste management (HCWM) best practices for male circumcision (MC) campaigns. Each component of the toolkit is based on the voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) experience in Swaziland, as well as WHO and South African standards (SANS 10248, in particular).

Supportive Supervision of Supply Chain Personnel Video. Check out this USAID | DELIVER PROJECT video on supportive supervision best practices suggests specific steps on how to conduct a successful supportive supervision visit for facility-level supply chain staff.

Financing Global Health 2013: Transition in an Age of Austerity.  A visual tool created as a companion to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s fifth annual report on global health expenditure depicts financing trends that underline the resilience of development assistance for health. 

This collaborative portal was created for members of the HIV/AIDS community to share information on supply chain efforts worldwide including innovative tools ranging from laboratory harmonization key documents to a guide on reporting problems to the FDA. Access all tools and resources.

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SCMS's Six Year Report: "Six years of saving lives through stronger public health supply chains"


The Report, with a foreword by Ambassador Eric Goosby, the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and Dr. Rajiv Shah, USAID Administrator, celebrates some of the successes of this ground-breaking and unprecedented US government project and presents SCMS's vision for the future.


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In the The March 2014 Issue,

big news for our clients! PFSCM’s quality management system at our office in Arlington, Virginia, received  ISO 9001:2008 certification from UL DQS, one of the leading ISO certification bodies for management systems in the world.

The first public health consortium organization to achieve ISO 9001:2008?

Many local and international companies across multiple sectors have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification; however research by our team suggests that PFSCM may be unique in being listed as the only consortium of individual private sector companies and NGOs.

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