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Extended periods for delivery of ritonavir containing ARVs

SCMS is experiencing a significant increase in lead time for antiretrovir products containing ritonavir, specifically: Lopinavir/Ritonavir 200/50mg, 100/25mg and  80/20mg/ml, as well as Atazanavir/Ritonavir 300/100mg, tablets, 30 tabs. Manufacturers of these products are currently facing the challenge with their primary sources and internal systems. As a result they are extending the lead time for delivery of the product. Buyers and implementing partners should anticipate deliver periods of at least six to nine months from the moment of placing orders with SCMS or other suppliers, including direct orders to the. Lead time for transport should also be included which vary by ex-works point of delivery and the country of final destination.  

About the SCMS e-catalog

This SCMS e-catalog provides a Core List of standardized products derived from current HIV/AIDS health needs as defined by our clients. Whenever possible, we recommend that you choose products from the Core List when placing an order with SCMS.

Each item is assigned an SCMS item code. Please reference these codes when placing an order to ensure that you receive the correct products in a timely manner.

The Core List is updated based on market trends and new product selections. When contacting SCMS to place an order, clearly specify the products you need to ensure you receive the correct products when you need them. Unclear specifications can lead to errors and delays in delivery.

Ordering from SCMS

We work diligently to anticipate all the products that are regularly required for HIV/AIDS programs. You can order from this web-based e-catalog or the downloadable Core List, which is updated a few times per year as needed and lists products according to product categories in the web-based version.

Contact us:
If a product you require is not listed in the e-catalog or the downloadable Core List.

To discuss your exact equipment requirements. We have listed generic types rather than specific models because needs vary widely with use and must take into account local service capability, training and other issues.

To confirm that we can supply your project if supported by national governments and other donors subject to individual arrangements.

Product Waste Treatment/Disposal Methods

SCMS provides information on waste treatment/disposal methods for ARV and essential medicine products. Simply go to the product group page using the left navigation of this e-catalog, click on the product code number for the product you are interested in learning about in the chart and access the product's Item Detail page to find waste treatment/disposal information as outlined in the table below.

Guideline Symbol
Crush then land dispose C
Drain liquids then land dispose or incinerate solids* D
Encapsulation E
Flush into sewer (and landfill or incinerate packaging) F
Incineration and land dispose or inertize ash I
Controlled dump or Engineered landfill L
Not a disposable item N
Recyclable R
Salvage S
Inertization Z
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