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About the SCMS e-catalog
This catalog provides a Core List of standardized products derived from current HIV/AIDS health needs as defined by our clients. Whenever possible, we recommend that you choose products from the Core List when placing an order with SCMS. 

Each item is assigned an SCMS item code. Please reference these codes when placing an order to ensure that you receive the correct products in a timely manner. The Core List is updated based on market trends and new product selections. When contacting SCMS to place an order, clearly specify the products you need to ensure you receive the correct products when you need them. Unclear specifications can lead to errors and delays in delivery. 

Ordering from SCMS
We work diligently to anticipate all the products that are regularly required for HIV/AIDS programs. You can order from this web-based e-catalog or the downloadable Core List, which is updated a few times per year as needed and lists products according to product categories in the web-based version. 

 If a product you require is not listed in the e-catalog or the downloadable Core List. 
 To discuss your exact equipment requirements. We have listed generic types rather than specific models because needs vary widely with use and must take into account local service capability, training and other issues. 
 To confirm that we can supply your project if supported by national governments and other donors subject to individual arrangements. 

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