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Clinic-in-a-Box (CiB) or Storage-in-a-Box (SiB) is a ready-to-use clinic and dispensary unit. It can be shipped to any location for rapid assembly and can be fully maintained by the community. CiB is the registered trademark. The number of units and use can be determined at the time of order to create a single- or multiple-unit healthcare complex. CiB is a single sole source approved by USAID.

CiB can be equipped to provide an examination room, reception area, and dispensary or storeroom. Storage units with space dedicated to shelving and inventory management are available, as well as other variations. All are described in the catalog options. Electricity and water need to be provided at the assembly site by the recipient. A generator is included as standard within the quoted price for back-up power.

This Solution:

  • CIB is turnkey, with the infrastructure and equipment delivered.
  • Long-term sustainability is achieved through the modular concept that is pertinent to the current needs of the client and can be readily adjusted to encompass future growth demands.
  • All components are of the highest quality and produced to technical specifications in controlled environments overseen by project managers.
  • The commissioning is rapidly deployed in rural settings, and the infrastructure, equipment and support services are delivered to the site.
  • CIB is available in five options, depending on need.

The 11 CiB options include a modular Storage-in-a-Box available in large, medium and small.The large Storage-in-a-Box option is available in three sizes. SCMS also can procure a variety of additional modular Clinic-in-a-Box formats Most facilities will be designed to suit specific needs, and the scalability allows for growth plans and modular expansion to suit most requirements.

The recipient is responsible for any preparation of and access to the land, and for the provision of electricity, water and sewerage to the site. Electrical requirements are standard 220 v (countries without 220 v must specify requirements) with earth leakage, circuit breakers for air conditioning plugs and lights, surface-mounted plugs, light switches, external waterproof plug, 4-ft double fluorescent lights, and DB board. The title is transferred on completion of installation.

Lead Time

CiB is manufactured in South Africa to a modular design (from pre-approved suppliers) that enables rapid deployment, with an estimated order-to-completion timeframe of four to six weeks. The delivery lead time is approximately two weeks from order, plus the ocean shipping (two to four weeks on average). Assembly usually takes four days once all components are on site. To discuss specifications for the CiB options, please contact SCMS for details at +1 571-227-8706 or


CiB will be supplied as a firm fixed price (FFP) commodity, quoted Free on board (FOB) Johannesburg. The FFP will be finalized based on the individual requirements of the site, which are simply and quickly evaluated during the order process.

Product Description Product Group
108639 Modular, Circumcision Clinic-in-a-Box, 7 Room, 48 Square Meters OTH
110359 Modular, Large Storage-in-a-Box, 12 x 4 Meters OTH
110360 Modular, Large Storage-in-a-Box, 12 x 5 Meters OTH
110361 Modular, Large Storage-in-a-Box, 14 x 5 Meters OTH
108642 Modular, Large Storage-in-a-Box, 2 Units x 6 x 4 Meters OTH
108640 Modular, Medium Storage-in-a-Box, 2 Units x 6 x 2.4 Meters OTH
108641 Modular, Small Storage-in-a-Box, 6 x 4 Meters OTH
108635 Modular, Standard Clinic-in-a-Box, 2 Units x 6 x 2.4 Meters OTH
109907 Modular, Surgical Unit Clinic-in-a-Box, L Shaped, 8 x 29 Meters OTH
109906 Modular, Surgical Unit, Clinic-in-a-Box, 2 Buildings linked, 8 x 29 Meters OTH
109905 Modular, Surgical Unit, Clinic-in-a-Box, Single Building, 8 x 29 Meters OTH
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