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The home based care (HBC) kits are composed of various products for home based workers to care for people living with HIV/AIDS and for their own protection. An HBC kit usually contains essential products such as painkillers, gloves and bandages.


We can offer a standardized kit, or we can work together to customize the kits to your specific needs. Note that SCMS will determine if the pharmaceutical product on this list meets the regulatory and/or importation requirements of the country of importation/consumption.

For assistance, please contact SCMS at As always, refer to the SCMS ID number to help speed the processing of your order.


Product Description Unit
Pain relief
Paracetamol 500 mg 1000 tablets (per bottle)
Topical fungal infections
Miconazole ointment 2% 30g 1 tube
Oral candidiasis
Miconazole 10mg buccal tablets 350 tablets
Vaginal candidiasis
Clotrimazole vaginal tablet 500mg 1 tablet
PVP Iodine 10% solution 200ml bottle 1 bottle
Chlorhexidine digluconate 7.1%, 100ml 1 bottle
Washbottle plastic 250ml complete squeeze type 1 piece
Drinking cup plastic 300ml 1 piece
Treatment of diarrhea
Oral rehydration salts (low osm) 100 sachets
Multivitamin tablets 1000 tablets
Permethrin 1% lotion 100 ml
Body care/pruritus
Zinc oxide ointment 10% tube 100g 1 tube
Calamine lotion 500ml
Protection for care provider
Gloves, examination medium 100 pieces
Apron utility 120cm 1 piece
Wound treatment
Scissors bandage lister 1 piece
Cotton wool 500g 1 roll
Adhesive tape 2.5cm x 5m microport 2 rolls
Adhesive woundplaster 6cm x 5m 1 piece
Gauze compresses 10x10cm12 ply sterile per 1 piece 45 pieces
Hydrophilic bandage 10cm x 5m self-edged 10 rolls
Forceps dissecting 14cm (dressing spring type) 1 piece
Bowl stainless steel 500ml 1 piece
Patient comfort
Soap wrapped, 100g 2 pieces
Water treatment
NaDCC tablets 8.5mg 50 tablets
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