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The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Technical Working Group (VMMC TWG) assigned SCMS the task of leading the procurement and supply chain management of VMMC kits and supplementary commodities. Kit components and supplementary commodities have been agreed upon through consensus of the VMMC TWG partners. As a result, SCMS can apply economies of scale to negotiate the lowest prices possible while maintaining the highest-quality product for the VMMC program.

The VMMC TWG’s report from the PEPFAR Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Partners' Meeting on Commodities and Improved Coordination of Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention provides a wealth of information on the subject. It also lists all commodities contained in each kit, as well as other commodities needed for VMMC programs. 


Ordering from SCMS

Order Lead Time

The current lead time for any VMMC kit is three months for manufacturing, plus four weeks for air shipment or 8 to 10 weeks for ocean shipment. These lead times are dictated by the manufacturer and are subject to change. SCMS will advise clients with a best estimate for delivery date shortly after an order is entered into the system.


Kit Options and Their Components

The PEPFAR VMMC TWG has agreed on the following VMMC kit options:

    Option 1: Reusable VMMC kit for forceps-guided procedure

    Option 2: Reusable VMMC kit for sleeve resection and dorsal slit procedures

    Option 3: Fully disposable VMMC kit for forceps-guided procedure

Each kit includes a set of surgical instruments sufficient for one VMMC procedure, plus a standard consumable pack packaged separately (reusable kit options 1 and 2) or as part of the VMMC kit (fully disposable kit option 3).


A standard list of pharmaceuticals is also available for purchase separately, as such products fall under a different set of packaging, shipping and regulatory requirements. Note that the kit is custom-designed specifically for this program. Items from any kit option or the supplementary modules cannot be removed, supplemented or substituted.


Supplementary Modules

The PEPFAR VMMC TWG has also recognized the need for additional commodities to support VMMC programs. Three supplementary modules have been designed, each containing a set of commodities that serve a particular purpose:

    1. Infection prevention

    2. Equipment

    3. Emergency supplies

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Health Care Waste Management Toolki

Due to the scale of VMMC programs, it will be essential to include medical waste management measures. It is the responsibility of each country to plan for and implement waste management protocols. SCMS has developed a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Health Care Waste Management Toolkit to provide guidance on implementing health care waste management (HCWM) best practices for VMMC campaigns. Each component of the toolkit is based on the VMMC experience in Swaziland, as well as on World Health Organization (WHO) and South African standards (SANS 10248, in particular).

Access SCMS's toolkit on how to develop a waste management plan, and an article in PLoS Medicine on our VMMC efforts.  

Basic VMMC Tool for VMMC and RTK Estimations

The basic VMMC tool is now available for download. This macro-based Excel application helps create basic VMMC and RTK estimations, but it is not supposed to replace forecasting and supply planning exercises in country. In addition, it includes monitoring applications for target vs. actual number of procedures, consumption of commodities and end-of-month inventory of supplies. It also includes automatic graphs for the monthly procedures comparison and the consumption and inventory of disposable VMMC kits. For questions or comments regarding this tool, please contact

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