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 Before ordering you may want to refer to the USAID List of Approved HIV/AIDS Rapid Test Kits List 


The list on this page includes the most frequently used test kits ordered by our clients for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, pregnancy and syphilis. If you require a test kit that is not listed, we may be able to supply it although we will need to seek confirmation of efficacy and suitability from the CDC and USAID.

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As always, refer to the SCMS ID number to help speed the processing of your order. Please contact us regarding your test kit requirements.

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Product Description Estimated Price per Pack (US$)
110920 Bioelisa HIV-1+2 Ag/Ab (4th Generation), 96 Tests/kit
110914 Bioelisa HIV-1+2 Ag/Ab (4th Generation), 96 Tests/kit
102182 HIV 1/2, Bioline 3.0 Kit, (no accessories), 30 Tests
102604 HIV 1/2, Bioline 3.0 Kit, Lancets, Capillary pipets, Alcohol swabs included, 25 Tests
102166 HIV 1/2, Capillus HIV Kit, 100 Tests
102169 HIV 1/2, Determine Complete HIV Kit, 100 Tests
105385 HIV 1/2, DoubleCheck Gold Kit, 100 Tests
109089 HIV 1/2, DoubleCheck Gold Kit, 20 Tests
106727 HIV 1/2, INNO-LIA Score Kit, 20 Tests
109153 HIV 1/2, INSTI HIV 1/2 Antibody Kit, 48 Tests
109440 HIV 1/2, INSTI HIV Antibody Individual POC, 1 Test
102174 HIV 1/2, ImmunoComb TriSpot Ag - Ab Kit, 36 Tests
102179 HIV 1/2, OraQuick Advance HIV Rapid Antibody Kit, 100 Tests
103739 HIV 1/2, OraQuick Rapid Antibody Kit, 100 Tests
106673 HIV 1/2, Stat-Pak Dipstick Assay Kit, 30 Tests
102170 HIV 1/2, Stat-Pak HIV, Kit, 20 Tests
102165 HIV 1/2, Uni-Gold HIV Kit, 20 Tests
102184 HIV 1/2/O, First Response HIV 1-2.0, v.3.0 Cards Kit, 30 Tests
103464 Hepatitis, HBsAg, Murex Confirmatory V3 Kit, 50 Tests
107817 Malaria Antigen P.f , HRP2, Kit, 25 Tests
110456 Malaria Antigen P.f , HRP2/pLDH, Kit, 25 Tests
108094 Malaria Antigen P.f / P.v, HRP2, pLDH, Kit, 25 Tests
107458 Malaria Antigen P.f / P.v, HRP2, pLDH, POCT Kit, 25 x 1 Test
106923 Malaria Antigen P.f Kit, 10 Tests
107695 Malaria Antigen P.f Kit, 30 x 1 Test
108112 Malaria Antigen P.f POCT Kit, 25 x 1 Test
107239 Malaria Antigen P.f/Pan Kit, 25 Tests
108879 Syphilis SD Bioline 3.0, Device, Assay Diluent, Capillary, S/P/WB, 30 Tests
109408 Syphilis, Bioline 3.0, Multi-device Kit, 100 Tests
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