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The SCMS project is no longer active.

For more information about SCMS, please contact Supply Chains for Health at USAID.

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Warehouse-in-a-Box (WiB) provides an insulated warehouse that incorporates offices, ablution facilities, furnishings and kitting and racking that can be shipped to any location for rapid assembly. WiB is a single sole source approved by USAID.

WiB has a modular design that allows deployment and ready scalability, with an estimated order-to-completion timeframe of six to nine months. This timeframe assumes site preparation is complete, with a concrete slab prepared according to an available specification. It also assumes availability of utilities (power, water and sewer) within 2 m of the site location.   


This Solution:

  • Provides an insulated warehouse—which meets World Health Organization (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards—that can be shipped to any location for rapid assembly. 
  • Is quickly and simply customized to meet individual site layout requirements.
  • Has a primary size definition that is the projection of the number of pallet locations required.
  • Incorporates offices and ablution facilities and furnishings.
  • Provides standard equipment and fittings as part of the installation.
  • Has a modular design that allows rapid scalability against increasing demand.
  • Is simply procured as a one-stop solution, with SCMS managing all service suppliers.
  • Provides job descriptions, standard operating procedures and training matrices for warehouse personnel.
  • Includes in-country operational and management skills training and transfer.
  • Is rapidly deployed with an estimated order-to-sign-off lead time of six to nine months (note that preparation work can take three to six months before an accurate order can be defined).
  • Promotes sustainability with training and follow-up audits. The training program is designed for six to eight people and includes two audits post-implementation.
  • Provides a permanent structure after deployment. It can be expanded but is not meant to be relocated.

The three WiB options consist of small, medium and large modular WiB sizes. Most facilities will be designed to suit specific needs, and the scalability allows growth plans and modular expansion to suit most requirements.

If a standalone pre-fabricated warehouse is required or if you need more details on how to implement WiB, please contact SCMS for details at +1 571-227-8706 or


WiB is deployed in a standard size of 20 x 25 m modules (500 m2), with the ability to expand to multiple conjoined modules of up to 10,000 sq m2. It is installed on flat land of acceptable compaction. The recipient is responsible for any preparation of and access to the land, and for the provision of electricity, water and sewerage to the site. The title is transferred upon completion of installation.



Payment against major milestones in the project (based on a 500m² warehouse)
1. In-country civil works and casting of concrete base and floor:
Payment to contractors may require a deposit and final payment after completion in about 30 days. This component is approximately 16 percent of the total cost of installation.

2. Steel frame and insulated cladding for warehouse and offices:
Deposit and partial payment are due before the goods leave the factory and are placed on the ship or vehicle. Payment is made in two parts:

  • Part 1 payment is for the purchase of the steel frame and cladding.
  • Part 2 payment is for the installation of the WiB, the cost of which is partially paid at the commencement of civil works. This component is approximately 28 percent of the total cost of installation.

3. Kitting and equipment for warehouse (e.g., air conditioning, racking, generator, forklift, functional warehouse management system if specifically requested): This component is approximately 28 percent of the total cost of installation, and many items require deposits or full payments before delivery. Please note that while options may vary per order, clients are not required to purchase certain options if they already have the equipment, and instead may upgrade certain configurations.  

4. Training and commissioning:
This is a one- to three-month process, which is completed once all equipment is installed, tested and commissioned. Training will be delivered per the full program. The handover will take place once all training has been delivered and the operation has been commissioned. This component is approximately 28 percent of the total cost of installation.

Note: Transport freighting costs will be provided at the time of the quotation based on the mode of transport, distance from the manufacturer and weight of final product.

Product Description Product Group
109910 Modular, Large Warehouse-in-a-Box OTH
109909 Modular, Medium Warehouse-in-a-Box OTH
109908 Modular, Small Warehouse-in-a-Box OTH
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