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The SCMS project is no longer active.

For more information about SCMS, please contact Supply Chains for Health at USAID.

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Establishing long-term relationships with vendors is an important part of our supply chain strategy. ARVs, rapid test kits and many frequently requested commodities can be procured, whenever possible, under indefinite quantity contracts (IQCs).

SCMS utilizes full and open competitive procedures to facilitate timely delivery of quality products and services at a reasonable cost. SCMS selects its suppliers based on “best value” according to the following criteria which may include, but are not limited to: lead time, quality of products, customer service by the vendor, vendor performance and supplier (financial and operational) long-term viability.

SCMS uses the standard method of negotiated competitive acquisitions/procurement (except in extraordinary cases that prohibit the use of this method). These procedures are intended to minimize the complexity of the solicitation, the evaluation, and the source selection decision, leading to a “best value” selection. SCMS follows the U.S. Government’s Federal Acquisition Regulations, a set of uniform acquisition policies and procedures used by all executive agencies. 

If you are interested in supplying SCMS with products, please visit SCMS’s ecatalog to learn about the products we procure based on needs expressed by our clients. You may also contact us to provide details of your products and discuss opportunities to work together.

ARIBA system

SCMS is improving its RFQ process by using the web-based Ariba system which incorporates an electronic quote submission process using standardized templates.Suppliers are invited to participate in "RFQ" events and these quotes are evaluated immediately after being received. The Ariba system reduces our response time and streamlines the procurement process with our suppliers. Suppliers are encouraged to use this web-based system.

Vendors who have worked with PFSCM in the past, can self-register. If you have not worked with PFSCM, please contact SCMS Helpdesk to acquire a user ID before to register with the Ariba system and set up your log in and use the system. 

Support Tools for Ariba

Using Ariba

  • How to Bid - General Overview: WI or Video   
  • How to Submit Bids with Excel: WI or Video
  • How to Enter Alternative bids: WI or Video


  • Access for vendors on working with SCMS
  • Access for Ariba Seller Collaboration Console - Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Access for vendors on how to use Ariba


ARIBA Sourcing Support Tools

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